Junior musician/filmmaker Max Lanman begs Brangelina to adopt him with the aid of Honest Abe Lincoln (Jay Dockendorf, SM '11), George Washington (Julian Kantor, SM '11) - who also "can't tell a lie," and Angelina herself (Pippa Bianco, BR '11).

Check out Max's Youtube page Orange Rhyme Pictures

This past weekend Zach Fuhrer (ES '11) and his new quartet, Suitcase of Keys, headed into the (very legitimate - and supposedly very expensive) Firehouse 12 recording studio (in New Haven!) to lay down a pro-quality demo. Suitcase of Keys is Zach on vocals and keys, Hazel Scher on drums (TC '11), Daniel Spector on bass (SY '11), and Nolan Green on guitar (ES '12). We'll let you know when we get the mix.

(from L-R): Spector, Fuhrer, Scher in F12

Gets the Girl, "Slow Song"

Ellis Ludwig-Leone (TC '11) and NYU sophomore Allan Tate, of the acoustic rock duo Gets the Girl, recently came out with an iTunes EP. More on that to come. As a preview, here's the (surprisingly cool) music video for their slow song, "Slow Song."

A Sweeter Sort of [Demo]

Hey Yale Music Scene, Vlad Chituc here with my first post on the blog. I just got a copy of my band's demo, so I thought I would post it up here


So here's the break down:

Track 1 - Forward: and death [I think] is no parenthesis
Track 2 - A Sweeter Sort of [Exposition]
Track 3 - [A Rising Action] Spoken Kindly
Track 4 - A Little Bit Lower [Climax]

This demo is part of a larger concept album I'm working on, where each song is a separate part of a story. Hopefully, if things go well, I will have the whole thing recorded in the foreseeable future.

More likely than not, I will be printing off copies of these, and I'll sell them along with T-shirts for probably around 15 dollars. Let me know if you're interested so I can gauge whether this is worth it or not.



Continuing in its newfound tradition of questionably chosen, but interestingly written "greatest of all-time lists," Rolling Stone's latest issue includes a line-up of the "100 Greatest Singers of All-Time" with the articles written by other notable musicians, many of whom are on the list themselves. Controversial picks in the top-10 include Elvis Presley (overrated?), John Lennon (are we taking tonal quality into account?), and Bob Dylan (okay, obviously we're not). Below are the top 10, and their corresponding article writers in parenthese. You can read the whole thing in RS here

1. Aretha Franklin (by Mary J. Blidge)
2. Ray Charles (by Billy Joel)
3. Elvis Presley (by Robert Plant)
4. Sam Cooke (by Van Morrison)
5. John Lennon (by Jackson Browne)
6. Marvin Gaye (by Alicia Keys)
7. Bob Dylan (by Bono)
8. Otis Redding (by Booker T. Jones)
9. Stevie Wonder (by Cee-Lo)
10. James Brown (by Iggy Pop)

Also, rounding out the top 25 are: Paul McCartney, Little Richard, Ray Orbison, Al Green, Robert Plan, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley, Smokey Robinson, Johnny Cash, Etta James, David Bowie, Van Morrison, and Michael Jackson. The whole LIST

Alex Dominitz (SY '09) parodies a great Jay-Z/Rick Rubin song with some surprisingly witty (and historically accurate) flows about the ol' Catholic Church.

DMB Cover Band (Live)

For those of you who missed the all-Yale DMB Cover Band's show at the Palmer House on Oct. 11, and also for the people who were there, here's a live recording from the show of "Lie in Our Graves." The DMB Cover Band is Pat Dewechter (SY'09), Andy Wagner (SY'09), Daniel Carvahlo (DC'10), Kevin Green (SY'09), Jamar Bromley (SY'12), Matthew Prewitt (SY'12), and Michael Waxman (TD'10).

Beyonce and Adrian Brody star in this Dreamgirls-esque Hollywood production about Chess Records -- the formative, Chicago-based record label that was home to several of rock 'n roll's important pioneers, including Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and Beyonce's character, Etta James.

40 years ago today, on November 17, 1968, one James Marshall Hendrix played a rock show at Yale's own Woolsey Hall. Before he almost tore down the place (literally -- the combo of his loud amps and Woolsey's bad acoustics did permanent damage), Hendrix played a mere 3-song set consisting of "Foxey Lady", "Purple Haze", and his famous rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner". Was this the greatest popular music event ever to happen at Yale? Other than Sean Kingston's '08 spring fling performance. Obvs. What do you think?

Hendrix at Woolsey, 11/17/68

So excited for this.

Tonight. D-Port Common Room. 7:15. Be there. Here's a heads up: these guys (aka Counters Clockwise) played last week at the Open-Mic... they're really good. Daniel Carvalho (DC '10), who's on vocals and guitar, has a stellar voice that sounds strikingly like, well, that of Damien Rice. MJ Truong, on back-up vocals, has a beautiful, delicate alto that fits well with Carvalho's. Rounding out the acoustic trio is Tess Ryckman on cello. Tess wasn't at the open-mic, but I can only imagine how cool it's going to sound to add strings to the mix. You should stop by.

Sunday's suck, so here's my best advice for improving yours: check out some LCD Soundsystem. Led by seminal indie dance rock producer James Murphy (founder of the NYC-based disco punk rock label DFA), LCD blends catchy, droning dance grooves, with searing, thoughtful lyrics, and lovely and dark analog synths, within the context of song structures that are as listenable as pop music, but as urgent and cliff-hanging as prog rock.

"All My Friends" was voted by indie music mega-blog Pitchfork as the #1 song of 2007. "New York I Love You..." is a laid-back Beatleseque ballad that becomes shockingly relevant when you replace "New York" with "New Haven." Other standouts include "North American Scum" (about our declining world image), "Someone Great," which really captures the feeling of getting over a break-up, and "Losing My Edge," a hilarious bout of irony and introspection from an aging hipster. From inspiring dance beats to thought-provoking soundscapes, LCD is just what you need to fix your Sunday.

...believe it or not. True story. As reported by NME, the other day Gallagher brother Noel quipped on British radio, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but [Radiohead] has been making the same record since Kid A, have they not?"

Consider yourself corrected Noel. No, no they have not. Seriously!? The nerve, Noel, the nerve. Your band hasn't produced a quality record since 1995. Really. Jealously's one thing, but whining about it on the the radio is another.

Hendrix Drummer Dead at 61

Mitch Mitchell, the influential drummer of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, was found dead earlier today in his Portland, Oregon hotel room. He was 61. 

Personally, he's one of my all-time favorite drummers. His blending of jazz and rock styles, and his playing of the drums as a lead instrument, both had lasting impacts on the world of drumming and on my own drumming in particular. Whether it was his jazzy swing groove on "Manic Depression," his spastic, funky snare hits on "Fire," or his soulful blues fills on "Little Wing," Mitch Mitchell played some of the most important 60's-era rock beats of all-time. He will be missed. 

[Also, sort of a related FYI: this Monday will mark the 40th anniversary of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's show at Yale's Woolsey Hall.  More on that Monday.]

Check out the Sandy Gill Affair's brand-spanking new demo called "Full Moon Landing"

Open-Mic Pics (TDHF, 11.05.08)

Check out a couple of pictures from last week's open-mic in the TD recording studio. Recordings coming soon.

Nolan and Farah cover G. Love

Daniel and MJ, aka The Counters Clockwise

It was an intimate gathering, but with much talent... hope to see you guys next week.

Girl Talk is a PC

What's the deal Greg? We still love you, but come on. You use a Macbook (or at least you used to). All your fans (mostly college students), and your peers (DJ's, producers, musicians, etc.), almost exclusively use Macs at this point. Was the check from MS really worth it?

In summary: PC's still uncool. GT still cool --- but a little shameless.

Ivy Indies

While the Ivy League has produced its fair share of rockstars (including John Legend (Penn), Alicia Keys (Columbia), and Paul Simon (also Columbia)), today's playlist deals with a more recent crop of ivy league artists who left the ivory tower in search of gold records. At the top of the class is blog-darling, Afro-pop rockers Vampire Weekend (Columbia '06 and '07); followed by synth pop duo Chester French (Harvard '07) who signed to Pharrel's label after graduation; plus Bishop Allen (Harvard '98 and '99), MGMT (Wesleyan '05 --- the Ivy League is just a sports league anyways, people), and rounding out the list for good measure, Yale's own Harlem Shakes ('05 and '06).

Silliman junior Laura Zax played NYC's Alphabet Lounge this past Saturday night to a nicely-sized crowd of friends and downtown concertgoers. She performed with her newly named "Going Steady Band" (which originated as the one-off "One Night Stand Band" when they, and she, won this spring's WYBC Battle of the Bands). The Going Steady's include Jordan Jacks on drums (SY '09), Ben Lasman on guitar (BK '10), Ryan Harper on Keys (BC '10) and Mike Okusami (a Berklee College of music student) on Bass.

Passion Pit blows up at CMJ

Each year New York City's CMJ Music Festival, which features hundreds of independent bands, launches a few unexpected stars into orbit. This year, one such band is Boston's Passion Pit. They've created a lot of buzz with their energetic live shows, and lead singer Michael Angelakos's shockingly high falsetto. Check out their most famous track, "Sleepyhead," below.

Filmmaker/musician/producer Kurt Schneider (CC '10) teams up with Sam Tsui (DC '11 and a member of the Dukesmen) to cover "Can I Have This Dance?" from the new High School Musical Movie. Their performance is sort of funny, sort of ironic, but mostly just impressive. Tsui has some serious pipes, and Schneider's production skills aren't too shabby either. Also, as of this writing, the vid had a 5-star rating (with 206 votes) and over 12,500 views on Youtube.

Rising singer-songwriter (and 2008 WYBC Battle of the Bands winner) Laura Zax (SM '10) is performing tomorrow night (with a full band!) at the Alphabet Lounge in NYC. It's a pretty big deal; there're gonna be some label reps in the audience. If you're going to be in the city, DEFINITELY check it out. If you're not, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's worth the $20 train fare. Plus, you get to spend Saturday night in the city that never sleeps. BE THERE. Alphabet Lounge. NYC. Sat, Nov. 8, 2008. At 8 pm. (Directions)

Come check out Yale's Singer-Songwriter talent, tonight in TD! For the 6th installment of our weekly Open-Mic and Sing-Along we're recording the show in the TD Hit Factory (TD's recording studio). Stop by to play or to listen!

Ya gotta love this.

YSO Halloween Show

Pat Dewecheter (SY '09) kicks things off at midnight with the Star-Spangled Banner

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