For Your Sunday: Intro to LCD

Sunday's suck, so here's my best advice for improving yours: check out some LCD Soundsystem. Led by seminal indie dance rock producer James Murphy (founder of the NYC-based disco punk rock label DFA), LCD blends catchy, droning dance grooves, with searing, thoughtful lyrics, and lovely and dark analog synths, within the context of song structures that are as listenable as pop music, but as urgent and cliff-hanging as prog rock.

"All My Friends" was voted by indie music mega-blog Pitchfork as the #1 song of 2007. "New York I Love You..." is a laid-back Beatleseque ballad that becomes shockingly relevant when you replace "New York" with "New Haven." Other standouts include "North American Scum" (about our declining world image), "Someone Great," which really captures the feeling of getting over a break-up, and "Losing My Edge," a hilarious bout of irony and introspection from an aging hipster. From inspiring dance beats to thought-provoking soundscapes, LCD is just what you need to fix your Sunday.


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