A Sweeter Sort of [Demo]

Hey Yale Music Scene, Vlad Chituc here with my first post on the blog. I just got a copy of my band's demo, so I thought I would post it up here


So here's the break down:

Track 1 - Forward: and death [I think] is no parenthesis
Track 2 - A Sweeter Sort of [Exposition]
Track 3 - [A Rising Action] Spoken Kindly
Track 4 - A Little Bit Lower [Climax]

This demo is part of a larger concept album I'm working on, where each song is a separate part of a story. Hopefully, if things go well, I will have the whole thing recorded in the foreseeable future.

More likely than not, I will be printing off copies of these, and I'll sell them along with T-shirts for probably around 15 dollars. Let me know if you're interested so I can gauge whether this is worth it or not.


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